“Tyger Vinum” Brings More than Music to the Industry

Tyger Vinum has returned to Amsterdam after performing for Def Jam executives Lenny S. and Anthony “Scoe” Walker in Jackson, Mississippi in July. He released the new album “Grindin Muzik,” in January featuring Sean Price of Helta Skelta, Kool G. Rap, Ruste Juxx, NLZ and others. In 2010 he won a second ASCAPlus Award in the Jazz and Pop music divisions. He was featured in the March 09 issue of Underground Railroad Magazine, and was also the recipient of a 2007 GMMA (Global Marijuana Music Award) for Best Video with “Mary and I” in Sidney, Australia. The first single off the new album “AhhYoo,” is a grimey street anthem with melodic beats and sinister rhymes. Tyger Vinum is one of the best lyricists in the music business. He makes high octane lyrically driven music and has consistantly released records since 2001. He has performed on stages in the US, France, Greece, Germany, UK, Russia and numerous other countries.

Tyger Vinum’s sophomore album “Sinister Ambitonz” featured collaborations with Planet Asia of the Cali Agents, NLZ of the Wu-Tang Clan and others. He was featured on the HipHop Uncensored mixtape and Vol. 7 and 8 dvd’s and performed for the Hip-Hop Uncensored release party in Miami South Beach 2006 Memorial Day weekend, then toured Chicago, Springfield, New York, and Las Vegas, before returning to Holland. “I Maintain,” was the first single off the “Sinister Ambitionz” LP. It’s received spins by over 5000 DJ’s worldwide. Tyger Vinum can be found on 2 of Triple F Unlimited “Unsigned Hype” mixtapes (the 1 mixtape in the U.S.) and the “Best of 2006″ mixtape.

Tyger Vinum has U.S. distribution through CDBaby & Super D in over 2400 physical stores. He is independently distributed to stores in the U.K., Asia, Australia, Spain, and BENELUX (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands). To date, Tyger Vinum has released 3 albums, 3 singles, 1 EP, 6 video clips and sold more than 100,000 albums worldwide.

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?
Thought provoking lyricist.

How long have you been in the industry?
I was on mixtapes and radio in 1998 and dropped my first single in 2000 titled “Nocturnal Emissionz.”

Do you have any projects out now?

Yes, my new album “Grindin Muzik” was released in January and features artists Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Kool G. Rap and a few other people.

What inspires your music?
I’m inspired by daily life. The struggle, hardships and moments of success from chasing my dreams. I do use imagination and sometimes talk about the experiences of friends or colleagues, but I like to keep my rhymes reality based.

Where are you from?

Springfield Massachusetts

What artists in the industry inspire you the most today?

Boot Camp Clik, Twista, Wu-Tang Clan and Redman.

Why is that?

These are all artists and groups who have been in the industry over a decade and still consistently put out good music. I put the same dedication and hard work into my projects so I hope to have the same longevity.

What makes you different from other artist today?
I’m not just a rapper or songwriter, I’m a different breed of artist. Before I had a record out I was already a painter and published author. I have two books published and have my paintings in galleries in Europe. I’ve also directed, shot and edited videos for other artists thru my production company “Poizonous Pen Productions.” So when most industry folk say their an artist, but don’t write their own material or play and instrument, I can’t relate. To me an artist is a person who thrives on creative impulses and the process of creating something new.

What do you want your future fans to know about you?

I’m already working on a new album titled “Verbal Sorcery,” which is going to be released 3rd quarter 2011. The first single is already recorded and its titled “Four Walls.” I have a new blogspot called “A Taste of Vinum” with posts about music, fashion, arts, technology and sports. For those people who have been following my music over the years, thanxx 4 the luv.

How can we connect with you online?
You can go to my personal website www.tygervinum.com or any of the websites listed below.